Travel Log - Sharing 2013 Bali Trip with Love ( Day 2 )

Aloha, here to continue my Bali "grandpa & grandma" story. First to introduce our tour guide >> Mr. Dana, We got a RM730 per pax package from Mr.Dana, which including the service as:

Van Travel Fees -Tour Guide Fees -4 times of lunch and 3 times of the Dinner -Dolphin watching tours - Turtle Island Tours -Entrance fees of various temples - 2 hours Spa at Bali Ratu - Water Rafting Tours- Mineral water.

I will definitely recommend Mr. Dana to all my friends who would like to travel to Bali.. He is a friendly and patient tour guide, he told us many stories about the historical place that we visited. Thus, we won't blur blur visit to the place for photography sessions only. At least, we knew more about the traditional culture of Bali.  He is funny and very clever to "zo siao" with us thus our journey is full of laughs. Nothing needs to be worried in our journey while what we need to do is enjoy the journey to the max..! Other things to mention about him is he like to take photos very much! He makes me feel like I'm hiring a photographer together with me along the trip. *ho ho ho...evil smile

Our Day 2: 
-Dolphin Watching in Lovina Beach
-Gitgit Village Water Fall
-Bedugul Lake Temple (Ulun Danu Temple)
-Sunset at Tanah Lot Temple

Aneka Lovina Villa Bali 
I like the environment of the villa booked by Dana. The decoration of the hotel fulls with Balinese style and coupled with the tranquillity of the beach. It's the perfect place to relax and calm down our mind. Naturally you will leave all your stresses and tiredness behind when you stay in this beautiful villa. Hmm...take a deep breath and enjoy the view.

This is our room, Look at the door, it uses old style wood slide lock door unlike the normal lock that we usually will have in a hotel.
We had a great sleep in Aneka Lovina Villa Bali after a day in Ubud. Next day around 6am, we start our dolphin watching tours with the special custom made spider boat ~ Nothing much nonsense to into anymore. hehe. Skip to the picturesss.......

Special Custom Made Spider Boat ~

Nice weather in the morning ! Cotton clouds & Blue sky ~ Nice view ever!
Sunrise in Bali
Here come! Dolphins ! It's just in front of our boat..! I am yelling like a kid ! "Dolphin! Dolphin! " 

I keep on blaming myself forgetting bring my cam-coded when watching the dolphin jump up high! Haiz!
We start to move on after having buffet breakfast in the hotel and our next destination of the day is Gigit Waterfall. I would like to advise all to bring on an additional shirt if you visit to the waterfall. This is because of the water fast pouring down from 50m height and with the wind blowing. You will definitely get wet if you walk closer to the waterfall. *Sad case, all photos capture at there are blurrr..... ><!

There are a lot of stalls along the lorong lorong that you walk to the waterfall. A lot of local stuff is selling over there such as drawings, handicraft, batik, aromatizer and sculpture. 

I love this much ~
Look at the elephant there, it looks so real and antique!
I like the Buddha drawings so much especially the sliver Buddha. It looks calm and peaceful. 
I found this in one of the stalls there. Do you guys know what spice is this? It's Vanila ! 
After the Waterfall, we headed to a beautiful temple. There are a lot of photographs spots in this Lake Temple. So, for those who love to have outdoor shooting do please make sure your camera are in the full battery mode!

The entrance of Lake Temple !

The Lake Temple, does it look familiar to you?  Check your 50000 IDR and see what you will get?

Exactly the same view as printed in the notes. Mr. Dana told us about this or else we also did not aware that. =)
Some stupid sharing here, in case you got no idea about what to pose for your photo shooting. I guess maybe my gang here can give you some idea.. Check out our silly poses!
Dearest & I 
Does this look a bit like bridal shooting pose? 
Cute Kid poses ! (He might kill me if he checks out my blog)

Spot the pinky couple behind us, they are taking their couple shoot there.. Aww.. Sweet !
Love Swam ? ?  
This cute couple are pose king! They just can't recover back from their bridal shoot fever! haha
Are you tiring viewing our photos and feel like wanna clicking away?? Stop! Come on, It's not the end yet! Stay with us more sunset views and pretty ladies photos at below! Our last destination of the day >>> Sunset at Tanah Lot Temple !

Super big sun upon my head! It's around 40 degrees Celsius.. 

Hot Hot weather in Bali ! 

Enjoy the sea breeze! Nice view!

Jump High ! Enjoy ourself while waiting for the sunset coming!

Hey! Sexy Lady!
Wow ~ Nice Pose !

Day come and go fast like a blink. The end of a day represents a start of another great day! Appreciated God's beautiful creation.

Here come to the end of the Day 2 travel log with my sunset photos and I hope it pleases you  = ) At last, stay tune for our Day 3 & 4 !

* Information Counter *
- Aneka Lovina Villas & Spa Bali
Jl. Raya Kalibukbuk Lovina BeachNorth Bali - Bali - Indonesia
 +62 362 41121 Fax : +62 362 41827
(Nice room with Balinese style, a big swimming pool which faces with sea views and friendly staff but their hotel lobby walls have plenty of lizards. This is one of their failing image which give to me.)

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