Kaffa Espresso Bar Green Hall

Kaffa de Espresso Bar- a nice place which I want to recommend to you guys! The cafe is nicely decorated with a retro and antique theme. Cafe Espresso Bar located in Green Hall, take your left exits before you reach Dewan Sri Penang or when you see Western Spices Restaurant. The cafe on your right hand side and it is apposite Segi College Penang.

Having a tea break and chit chat time with Shirley again. Both of us are cafe lover and so we like to visit new places and hunt for cakes together. Let back to the topic, I love the setting of the cafe, it's more spacious comparatively to some homely cafe. It has plenty electrical socket there, so I guess it will be a good news for segian, right? A nice place to hang out with classmates for assignment disscusion.  *I will do this if I'm still studying in Segi ! wakaka! Enjoy the moment to the max if you still can hang out always with your classmates! I miss that much!

The outlook of Kaffa Espresso Bar. I think tiffany blue is their signature color. 

Good Coffee is in here! How do you think? Let's let try out!

10% off for student! *Another good news for segian again! wakaka..!

There are two sections of seating in the cafe which either indoor or outdoor at second floor. The cafe not only serve for cakes and coffee but also with some snack and meal too. Such as: salad, soup, breakfast, pasta, burger, steak, lamb and so on.. Oh yeah! Their breakfast is served all day long ! I definitely will revisit again for food!

Kaffa LIMELIGHT- The Beatles!

Nice and comfortable seating ready for you! A wonderful place to relax your mind and having your great time with your bestie or family! 

The Menu and Ordering bar! Self-serving in the house, place your order and make your payment here! You will then get a mint blue order number and the staff there will deliver your orders to your table!

 Chocolate Drink RM10

 My Piccolo Latte with kaffa ceramic vintage cup. RM8 
According to their staff told that their signature drink is Salted Caramel Macchiato which cost RM12 but I didn't try it that day because I'm just craving of Latte suddenly. 

 Shirley's Red Velvet cake, she loves red velvet cake so much. It is tender but it tastes a bit too dry contains but the cream taste heavy buttermilk. Personally think that quite okay but too dry contains for me!

My chocolate moist cake, I love this so much and definitely will bring my sister (super chocolate lover) come and try on this! I can; t believe that I finished eating this! Fat die! But it really tastes delicious! The sweetness and moisture of the cake contains is just enough "ngam ngam ho" for me! 

Large table available ! Definitely your choice for family gathering or a big gang gathering.

 The second sections of ground floor, dim lighting and cozy ambience with retro decoration.

 Your relaxing corner~

Vintage decoration 

Coffee Please!

 The Marilyn Monroe paint at the end of the cafe which just outside the toilet! Look at the signature post of Marilyn Monroe! 

Shirley with Marilyn ! 

The back part of the second floor of the cafe. There are really spacious enough than the homely cafe rite? So we no need to squeeze together but can sit comfortably and enjoy the breeze. It will be a nice place for people who prefer outdoor more than indoor. 

So guess what will be the front part of the second floor? Tada..photos grabbed from kaffa facebook
Its 1500 square foot space which open for booking if you have any special occasion or if you wanna book a launch please contact with the person in charge. You can reach him at theimaginarium.greehall@gmail.com

End the post with our self capture photos! Haha! Great chit chat time with her!

See you again next time when you back to Penang!

The opening hours of Kaffa Espresso Bar! Spend your time with your bestie here, you will love it! 
By the way to say that, it's quite difficult to find a car park there if you visit at weekday especially day time! So. Just try your luck there and please don't think to park illegally, the summon guys are always ready there! *Segi student know this well

**** Calling all the coffee lover! ****
Just grab this from their Facebook! Join it if you are a coffee lover and interested to know more about! 

Additional Information:
Kaffa Espresso Bar - Green Hall
Address: 22, Green Hall 10200 Penang
Tel: 042622822

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