Moustache Houze Cafe Penang

Continuing from my previous post, we switched to Moustache Houze Cafe for our little tea time. It's not only a cafe which selling cakes and coffee but also a guest house at second and third floors. The cafe located at the end of Campbell street, you will notice the big Moustache signboard if you walk along the Campbell street thus it is not difficult to find the cafe.

The cafe has their own special interior design with mural paint which make the cafe feel cozy and warms. Besides, they remake the steel pipe as bookshelves with all the travelling books and magazine. 

It's been very crowded that day when we visit there but luckily we manage to get an empty table at the right corner of the cafe.

 The menu and order counter, the cafe is operated as self service so if you want to take orders need to proceed to the counter instead of blur blur waiting at your table. Oh yea, pay first before you enjoy the cakes and coffees. 

View from top.

The menu. They just sell cakes, coffee, tea and juices. It's a high tea cafe actually.
 But, they do have their signature Syphon Coffee.  

Mural Painting in the cafe. It's actually a photography area prepared with a nice light setting there. 

Moustache Tree which painted by one of the cafe owners. 

Vintage decorations in the cafe. 

Comfortable Wooden Swing Chair

View from the back ~

 Chocolate Mille Crepe RM11.90 (left) Yam Crepe Cake RM10.90 (right)
I prefer to have the Yam Crepe Cake which tastes so delicious compare to the chocolate mille crepe which taste normal. I quite like their mille crepe because the sweetness is just enough.

Chocolate Walnut RM11.90
Full chocolate moist cake with walnut which having a right taste, won't taste over sweet also! I just can't stand with some chocolate moist cake which are over sweet or over bitter. This Chocolate Walnut is just perfect and definitely a good choice for chocolate lover!

Cappuccino RM9.90

Another signature drink which is the top hit in Moustache Houze is their Ice Cube drink. With a choice of kiwi, strawberry, pineapple that served with soda or chocolate and espresso which serves with milk. I order a chocolate with milk, the chocolate being chill into ice cubes and served with fresh milk. It's quite a special idea to serve drinks.

Chocolate with Milk RM12.90
 (My own comment, the price for this drinks is a little overprice..How do you think? )

Strawberry with Soda RM11.90

After mixing! Strawberry Soda!

Different design of wall painting with moustache design in the guestroom on second floor. RM80 per night, but it is not ready yet. For more details, you can inquire in their Facebook. 

Even their toilets are also deco with moustache logo! How cute it is! By the way, I like the wooden toilet door, it looks so clean and antique. 

 At last, while chit chat and having delicious cakes in their cafe. Don't forget to have some photoshooting fun with the mustache props that prepared by the cafe! 

Darling with the moustache props!

Attention please, after playing around with the moustache props, please kindly return to the counter or the staff there. According to the cafe owner, the props always disappear mysteriously. 

The blogger itself!
 (I know my hair looks terrible! Ignore it! I swear I will dye as soon hehe!)

Additional Information:
Moustache Houze
Add: No.24, Campbell Street 10100 Georgetown Penang
Tel: 042622228/ 0124791988 Christine Ooi
Operating Hours:
 Mon- Thus 4:30pm -10:00pm
Friday 4:30pm -11:00pm
Sat & Sun 12:00pm -11:00pm

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