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I have a "Double Date" with my girl and her boyfriend when she comes back from Kl for a short break. We headed to the camera museum in Penang which located on Muntri Street in Georgetown heritage area. (Next to Moon Tree 47 Cafe)

I accidentally found this place last week when I lost in the jungle of love lane while driving. *hehe 
So, I decide to pay a visit to figure out what there is about and I doesn't hear about Penang have any camera museum before.

Here we go, the ground floor of the museum separated into 3 parts. The front section  is filled with old vintage camera and photography art gallery while the second sections are a souvenir shop and the last sections is a cafe for tea break. The upper floor is still under renovation during my visit but according to the person in charge told that second floor will include an obscura room (dark room) for activities and a collection of over a hundred units of antique camera shows up.

Here is the outlook of Camera Museum! You can spot the signboard when you walk on Muntri Street.

Tada..! An antique bling bling vintage gold camera set up outside the camera museum.

A giant camera spotted once you enter the museum.
Oops! This is for decoration and photograph purpose only but not a real camera!

The MUST-DO'S for the visitor as a directory for visitor!
A big antique camera located in the front session.
The camera looks like what we got to see when we watch the old Chinese movie especially the movie about 1950s- 1960s years which Chinese start to bring in English product into their place.

Darling playing around with the antique camera.
You can request assistance from the staff there about how to use on this camera and about their history too. They are kind to assist you on it!

Along the museum there is a lot of photo canvas shows the history of the camera and how does camera affecting our life. Imagine how our life be if without a camera?
I have never asked myself about it before! Things may change every minute but the pictures never change, the precious moment that we catch down in a picture will never change..

Danny Tan's photography exhibitions
Before entering the gift shop section, there is a corner ready for photography exhibition with perfect lighting set up. I visit there in August thus has a chance to have a look at Danny Tan's photography. 
**No photography is allowed in the exhibition section so no picture can share with you guys.

Danny Tan 's profile
Danny's photo is so amazingly beautiful ! I was like Wow! His photography has printed on canvas and ready for sale!
Nice quotes! How do you think ?
Cacao Kaca~ Did you notice that, the camera in this photo is actually 3D and built half in the wall ! Nice idea!

 The second section is the souvenir shop, there are various camera theme product selling here. Such as t-shirt, keychain, necklace, bag, cup, cards, camera lens and so on. You should pay there a visit if you are a camera fever fan!

Bags/ DSLR Cups/ Lomo Cam Toys and so on!

Accessories about camera! Necklaces and Earrings!

1950s Large Format Camera~
A gentle reminder given by the museum, "The camera is really really old, if you wanna touch him please ask for assistance." Cooperate with them and make sure we didn't spoil the antique thus more people have a chance to look at it!

The last section of the museum is an open cafe, but too bad we didn't have much time to have a tea break in there because we are in a hurry to visit another "hot spot" cafe in Penang. Guess where? (* I will update it in my next post! Stay Tune! hehe)  But, I definitely will revisit to the museum again for the cafe and obscure room in the upper floor. Hope will have another great experience from the museum again.

Additional Information:
The Camera Museum
Add: No.49, Lebuh Muntri 10200 Penang
Tel: 04-2613649
Operating Hours: Everyday 9am to 8pm [FREE ADMISSION]

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