Travel Log- Sharing 2013 Bali Trip with Love ~ Day 4

Ohaiyo! I'm gonna finish this super duper delay travel log in Bali before i get started to prepare my Bangkok trip. 7 adults and 1 children Bangkok trip in this coming July, I got a little too greedy that wish to visit all night market and interesting signature place in Bangkok. Thus, I need to get myself start to reading travel log again..haha!
Our Day 4:
-White Water Rafting at Bahama Ayung River
-Lunch Ibu Oka Babi Guling
-Spa session at Bali Ratu Ubud
-Dinner Nuri Warung Pork Ribs
-Check in Chepung Sebali Villa

As mention in previous post, our package including a water rafting session in Bahama Ayung River. We had an 12 kilometer of rating route and it take around 2 hours. The scenery along the river is beautiful and you may have an opportunities to swim in the river and taking photos under the small waterfalls there. It will be more fun if you have 2 of 3 groups of people competing together. Funny and passion guide leading us all the way so don't too worry about the safety issue.

Hohoho...Posting photos session before getting start!
Cheers! Pattern bangyak banyak here!

Let's get started! For girls like me which lack of exercise, please prepare yourself. This is because, you may need to walk down from hill to reach the river. After the tiring rafting sessions, you need to hiking up to the restaurant again! Don't doubt! It's freaking tired!

Nice photo! I like this!

This is how the help on carry the tools and hiking up to the restaurant after we finish the rafting session. Please if can, give them some tips!

Babi Guling, one of the famous local food which you should not missed it!

Specially for people who like to eat "shao zhu rou". It's really not my type! But I love the sauce, a bit spicy and sour. Like thai-style!

Another spa sessions after the water rafting. Thanks for the sweet tour guide purposely arrange us having scrub and massage after the "heavy exercise". > <! Bali Ratu Spa Ubud, "RATU" is the meaning of QUEEN in Indonesian language so do expect to be treated like a queen at here. 

We have a Fresh Body Scrub Treatment, duration 1 hours and 30 minutes which including of flower foot bath, body steam, traditional Balinese massage which massage oil, fresh body scrub and flower bath. Thumb up for the massage ! Definetely worth for trying to healed your heart and body! 

I didn't manage to take any photo while have the massage session thus forget to bring my phone. Thus, grab a photo from net to show you guys! photo credit to them!
Nuri Warung! The best pork ribs in Bali. If you missed out this in your bali trip, you are making a big big mistake ever!

Juicy and the sauce is really thumb up! I can't find a taste like this in any pork ribs shop in Penang. This is far away better than the well known C and M brand.
Lastly, the end of this post is all about the villa that we spend for the last night in Bali. My driver told me that he never heard about this villa before but he will try to search for it according to the address provided. I'm started to worry about the villa because along the way of searching for it, we can only see lorong-lorong and firefly along the road. Keep on praying along the road and hoping everything will just fine. Thanks God for blessing, we reach safely after having 15 minute ride in a blackout kampung area.

Chapung Se Bali Resort & Spa -When traditional meets with modern while romance meets nature. Experience privacy and serenity. Indulge in luxury. We booked a Two bedroom with pool featuring with two separate bedroom, living room, dining room and a oval shape pool. Let's the photo talk! :

Our spacious bath room.
Including a sofa, working table with modern European design and a ipod player.
Clean & Comfortable Sofa
View to out open bathtub beside our bed. Just notice this in the next morning while prepare to checking out.
Our own private wash up area and closet inside our room. Imagine how big it is!
The open air bathtub area! Unfortunately, they didn't not provide hot water.
Out of room have a living and dining area!
The oval shape pool!
The second room, smaller bit but full with natural and yet European design.
The wash up area!
Another view of our room!
Lotus Flower in the pool of our room!
Two bedroom with pool!
Buffet Breakfast in the next morning before headed to airport!

Premium and delicious breakfast!
Statue along the way to our room!

All about natural!
A perfect place for staying especially for those who love natural and want to relax their body and mind in this wonderful environment! Recharging yourself at there!

At last, Thanks you reader for your patient! That all about my Bali Travel log! Hope you enjoy and like it! Bali is definitely your choice if you love natural scenery and cultural things. A place for you to rest well and recharging yourself.

* Information Counter *

- Bali Ratu Spa
Address :Jalan Raya Pengosekan, Ubud - Bali
Phone : +62-361-7425612

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-Chapung Se Bali
Jl. Raya Sebali – 80561 Keliki, Ubud, Bali
Phone:  +62 361 8989102,
     +62 361 8989103
Fax:   +62 361 8989124
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