Dickens Street Cafe @ Lebuh Dicken, Penang

Dickens Street Cafe which named after the street of Dicken. It located at a short street between Mydin supermarket and Penang Road Police Station. After pass the Ee Beng Vegetarian shop, you will see Dickens Street Cafe at your right hand side.

One of my favorite cafe in list, I average will visit there once per month. Why? Because of the food are yummy and yet because of their operating time for night is from 5pm evening to 2am midnight. For people like me who always feel hungry and sudden craving for dessert and pizza in the midnight, Dickens Street Cafe can satisfied your need. *Feel guilty to my body fat! Wakakaka

View of the restaurant from inside to outside! Feel warm and peace!

Well decorated cafe. With some hand drawing on wall !
This is their flowery and vintage deco cashier counter and a chiller which full of my favorite Somersby Apple Cider! For the first time I visit to Dickens Street Cafe, the cashier counter are just simple and full of magazine but now they started to enhance their decoration and add in more and more functions likes chiller and coffee machine.

 Cute proops! Saying Welcome to you in different language!

 The Dessert & Bar Counter

I simply love their decoration which make people feel warm and comfortable.
 A small self service counter over here, if you need some coffee or tea, sugar or sauces.
 You can get it by yourself here!

Table that made by woody pallet and glasses! 
Great idea? Go green and match with the vintage cafe trend which blowing strong right now.

Table for two!

A private room is available.
If you have more than 8 people or spend more than RM250 on your single bill, you can request for the private room too.There prepared a small speaker beside thus you can plug your handphone there and play your own favoutite song while dine in.
Hmmm..By the way, have the painting behind catch your eyes?

Here, a closeup for you! Have you get any message or have you sense anything form the painting?
I guess i should ask the owner about the painting on my next visit.

Let's switch the topic to foodssss..!

Menu serve with woody platter! What we called as "tiam" in hokkien. 
The woody platter which our grandma use to cut vegies as usual.

[RM9.80] Mushroom Soup serve with croissant. 
Taste good, the mushroom soup is creamy and hot enough while the croissant taste crispy. 
A special idea to replace the garlic bread to croissant.

[RM9.80] Clam Chowder serve with croissant.
You will definitely fancy this if you are clam lover! But for people who doesn't like the clam taste better go to the mushroom soup. Because the taste of clam is heavy and rich ! 

[RM9.80] Pumpkin Soup serve with croissant.
Ordinary and the texture is too thick.

 [RM9.80] Bacon wrapped Enoki Mushroom
  [RM10.80] Mushroom Gratin 
Cheesy Lover look over here! 
The must try items in the house! Yummy!
Creamy cheese mushroom match with crispy garlic bread!

  [RM6.80] Fresh Fruits Salad

  [RM14.80] Blue Cheese Pizza
Their signature pizza in the house! Don't worries about the unacceptable flavor of the blue cheese. It's delicious and match well with spinach. The pizza layer is thin and crispy, the blue cheese taste rich and a little bit sweet serve with spinach. If you doesn't like blue cheese, try out their Bacon & Mashed Pizza!

  [RM9.80] Cheesy Wedges

  [RM9.80] Chicken Tortilla
Taste a bit like cheesy chicken wrap.Nice Try!

  [RM14.80] Linguine Carbonara with Bacon.
Not creamy enough and the portion might be small a bit for heavy eater. 
The overall taste was good and the smoky bacon taste match well with the linguine but I still prefer more creamy texture.

  [RM15.80] Mushroom Risotto
The appearance of the risotto look not so flavor to me. 
It tastes like Spanish paella and the mushroom tastes mild. Mushroom lover can try on this!

 [RM15.80] Penne Bolognese

  [RM9.80] Bread Pudding

  [RM9.80] Chocolate Valcano

[RM6.80] Strawberry Banana Yoghurt

[RM6.80] Mango Yoghurt 

 Their tagline " May All Who Enter As Guest, Leave As Friends"

** Information Counter **
Dickens Stree Cafe
Add: 30, Lebuh Dickens,1000, Georgetown Penang
Business Hour: 5pm to 2am
Tel: 016 2202290
Fb: Dicken Street Cafe

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EL Faro Tapas Bar & Wine @ Penang

Saw this little sign at roadside every times when headed to Clark Hatch. The light house symbol catch my eye and I started to search on net and instagram to figure out what is this restaurant about. 
EL Faro Tapas Bar & Wine A restaurant which serve Spanish food in either tapas size or dish size. I never try about Spanish food before so thought I should have a try on it. Thus, create a wechat group and call out my college sweetie for a dinner date at there. 

My own version of "Tapas" explanation is likes small portion plates of food and in Chinese maybe we would like to called it as 小菜. I think for girls will be quite fancy of having food in tapas size because we wont get full easily after a plate thus we are able to try out many different kinds of dish at one times!

EL Faro signboard, you can see it if you driving across burmah road =) It's located at your left hand side! 
This how the internal view of the restaurant. Warm and Cozy!
Tadaa....The Reddish Melon Colour Menu!

As you can see from the menu there, there are separate to tapas or dish for each food. The size of dish is like a double up of a tapas size. So, You are feel free to make it into dish if you are heavy eater. =) 

Besides, various of dinner group provided such as table for 2 /4 /6 /8. It's great for first time visitor because usually we don't know which should we try and we don't want to miss any signature food from the restaurant. Sweetss ~ ~ As we have four pretty ladies that night, so we called out the table for 4 for our dinner and 2 glasses of wine which recommended by.

 Boquerones - Spanish White Anchovies on Watermelon with Mint 
I feel a little bit weird at first because why the anchovies can be match together with the watery watermelon? But, okie wor... Juicy watermelon and salt yet sweet anchovies provide freshness to start the meal! Nice try for me!

 Anchovy-Red Pepper -Egg plant on Toast 

Chicken Tight Salad
My favorite tapas of the night, maybe because I love veggie and chicken tight so much. The matching  between  grapes, chicken, San Simon cheese in the salad are so perfect. San Simon Cheese provide rich creamy while grill chicken provide some saltiness and grapes provide sweetness and juicy. I'm in love with this salad ! Hohoho.. Simple dish but I'm so satisfied!  

Lumpfish Caviar served with angel hair. This dish served cold to us and it taste a little bit salty and refreshing. It's quite special for penangies who never try about Spanish food like me! It's worth to try as it always provide you surprise.

The Bikini
Deep fried the toast until crispy outside but soft texture inside with ham and manchego cheese. Slightly honey applied on the crispy surface of the toast. For me it maybe a bit ordinary as some normal deep fried toast or maybe because i didn't much like deep fried food.

Patatas Bravas
Fried potato serve with Bravas sauce and Cheese! Bravas sauce is like a mix of tomato puree, onion, garlic, red pepper flakes, hot paprika and so on.  It look like the usual cheesy wedges but this is not only serve with cheese and mayonnaise while it serve with special made Bravas sauce! Nice try !

Gambas a la Plancha
Grill tiger prawn and place on a sea salt. It turned to be delicious, the prawn taste fresh and juicy. Besides, you are taste some fresh sea salt taste and aroma too! Best recommend for friends who love the original freshness taste of seafood.

Tender Pork Belly 
What we normally call as chu lam yok as well, imagine the fat melt in your mouth...Hmm..fantastic!
The meat are well marinated and salty and yet a little bit sweet taste because of the raisin matching in. 

 Seared Mackerel
Grilled seared mackerel with some sweet sour salsa fresca. Salsa Fresca is a types of condiment usually we serve with tortilla, nachos, salad and even put on bread as topping some times. It's combine of fresh tomato, onion, lime juice and sweet pepper. The seared mackerel match with salsa fresca have a amazing fresh taste, juicy limey and sweet.

El Faro Paella
Pealla known as a famous must try dish in Spain. I feel this dish is ordinary a bit taste like seafood fried rice but the seafood portion is more than the rice. Including of prawn, octopus, clams, scallops and hams. A little bit sticky and moisture types of fried rice.

The blogger itself! (Borrow my girl wine for photo! haha)

Ladies of the night! A enjoyable chit chat night with you guys! Love ya!

* Information Counter *
EL Faro Tpas Bar & Wine
Add: 231, Jalan Burmah, 10050, Penang.
Operating Hours : 3pm to 11:30pm
(Closed on Wednesday)
Tel : 604- 227 2310
Facebook: El Faro