Dolce Dessert Cafe ~ Jalan Kek Chuan, Penang

Dolce Dessert Cafe, located on the Kek Chuan Street, which just behind the House of Steamboat Macalister road. You can see a colorful shop lot on your right hand side after turn into the Kek Chuan Street. The Dolce Dessert Cafe exterior is in sharp blue color!

Counter Bar! Choose and order your favorite cakes first, then they will serve to you!

 *Chiang Chiang!! I wish I can order each of them seriously! 
Just can't get enough with dessert! Specially fruit cakes! 
I love fruit sponge cake very much, they are lighter texture comparatively with cheese cakes.

 Fruit Juices/ Tea/ Illy Coffee

Cute Ratatouille Paint throughout the cafe!

The pink polka dot mini skirts look cute!

Their pastry works station I guess.. Ha ha!
 Will they have some cake making performance in future? 
I will be the first person joining in if have.

 Open air seating place.

Spacious, Clean & Simple 

 Fruit Paradise Series - BlueBerry RM10

Blueberry Panna Cotta - RM6.50
 Taste yummy, strong blueberry taste with a yogurt flavors of Panna Cotta!  For your information, Panna Cotta is a type of Italian dessert, which simmering all the cream, milk, sugar and gelatin together. 

 Fruit Paradise Series - Mix Fruits RM10

 Fruit Paradise Series - Strawberry RM10

Matcha Tiramisu - RM9.90
 Although I like to drink green tea but I'm not so fancy with this Matcha Tiramisu due to the rich matcha taste! Very strong matcha taste seriously, recommended for all the matcha lover!

Tiramisu - RM9.90
Yummy tiramisu.
The taste was ngam ngam ho just enough for me.
 It won't be too creamy or too strong cocoa and coffee scent.

Once in a blue moon, you can actually find a dessert cafe which selling various types of fruit cakes. Because, I found that most of the cafe are mainly focused in cheesecakes, layer cakes, chocolate cakes that kind.  In addition, one of their specialities of their cakes is there are a layer of tarts below the cake. Quite yummy!

 High Tea Package are available here !

 They do selling whole cake instead in pieces. I been told by the waitress that 7 inch Fruit cakes is around RM 50++ while 9 inch Fruit cakes is around  RM 90++. 
I want a Mix fruit cake during my birthday please! *Just can't enough! haha

 Last but not the least! Our selfie time!

  We won't miss out any chances for taking photos! How can a gathering without photos!?

 *Information Counter* 
Name : Dolce Dessert Cafe
Add : No.10, Jalan Kek Chuan 10400 Penang
Tel : 04-2269118
Business Hours : 11am-10.30am Sun - Thurs / 11am-11.30pm Fri-Sat
Facebook :

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