My First Baking Class with Fun @ D Baking Point

Wahoo.. I had a fabulous Sunday with both of my sweetie last few weeks.  I'm so excited to have my first fully hand on experience in baking cookies. The baking class we attended are located at Prima Tanjung. Various baking classes available there such as chiffon cake, swiss rolls, cupcakes, healthy breads, lava cakes, scones, tarts, cookies, pie and so on.

Let' me share our recipes with you guys as below:

 Butter / Chocolate Cookies
-125 GMs Margerine / Butter
-1/4 tsp Salt (If the butter you use already is salted butter, then maybe you can skip this.)
-90 GMs Icing Sugar
-1 egg yolk
-1/4 tsp vanilla essence
-200 GMs Plain Flour
[For Chocolate Cookies, REPLACE  15 GM of flour with cocoa powder, Add 1 tsp of coffee essence]

1. Put in butter/salt/icing sugar and blend it well for 5 minutes until it show nearly white. 1.
2.  Add in egg yolk and vanilla essence mix it well.
3. Stir in the flour
4. Mix it gently.
5. Put in the chill become dough.

Remarks: After mixing in the flour, the dough must be piped out as soon as possible. Leaving it to stand for a long time will make the dough dry and piping will be difficult.

You feel free to adding in corn flakes, rice bubbles, nestum, chopped glazed fruit and many others. Leave it harden in the fridge and cut into slices and bake it.

 I'm blending the butter, salt and icing sugar at first with semi auto. Ha-ha!

Questioning teacher this and that! Sorry teachers, I'm the newbie in baking!

 Piping in a little mini cup size cookie. This is how the cookies look like before adding in topping!

 Welcome my mini colorful coco cookies! My sister finishes all of this!
 I prefer the fruit topping instead of the chocolate topping..

 We separate make one butter dough and another is chocolate dough. 
Mix and make it become layer cookies.

 Mini Chocolate Flower Cookies

 Group Picha Time with Teachers! Have so much of funs baking together!

 My cookies of the day! Yummy cookies ever that bake by me! Hahaa! A clap for me please!

* Information Counter *
Name: D Baking Point
Address : Prima Tanjung , Lot 97 - G -07
Jalan Fettes, Tanjung Tokong 10470 Penang
Tel " 0124053345

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