2014 Bangkok Trip Itinerary ~ 2014 曼谷旅遊行程表

和大家分享我的曼谷旅行程表,即將去曼谷的同學們可以參考看看哦!曼谷的情況絕對比想象中和諧, 去到那邊其實會發現沒很多的軍人在看守的,感覺上就沒什麽異樣。所以大家可以安心的去遊玩, 是Ok的哦!

Aloha, here to share my Bangkok trip itinerary with all my readers. For those who planning to visit Bkk in future feel free to take a look on it! Situation in Bangkok are far away better than what I expect before I visit to. Hmmm.. I can say that it's peaceful and there are still a lot of tourist there as usual thus actually not much strange and different!~ Don't worry about the political crisis, it do not have much affect on.


大家有沒發現,其實我並沒有到Siam區的商場逛逛。 原因是因爲,我們真的不夠時間用咯!所以都把重心放在比較“能買” 的地方發揮哦!老套的說一句,在曼谷從來就沒有夠時間逛街的,也從來都沒有逛的完的街,是不?哈哈。


As what you can see in my itinerary, I'm not manage to visit the shopping malls locate in Siam Area. This is because we running out of time thus we just focus more on the shopping malls which interesting to us. Oh ya! I would like to share that, You are never get enough time to shopping in Bkk. Trust me! This is the truth! Hi Five to me for those girls who agree with me! 

Stay tune with me, detail travel log and photos will be upload soon! Bubye and thanks for reading!

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  1. looks like a pretty good arrangement planned ahead ;P