Coffee Smith @ Maritime Piazza ~ Karpal Sign Drive, Penang

Coffee Smith one of the most happening cafe in Penang Island right now! It's located at Karpal Singh Drive, Maritime Piazza which facing Jelutong Promenade. Coffee Smith is a franchise restaurant from Taiwan, they choose Penang Island as the location of their very first franchise in Malaysia. How lucky penangies are!~

I have been passed by there for many times and saw a lot of people queuing out there for dinner. Thus, I decide to plan a dinner date there with my girls to find out why it is so attractive?!

Slightly to remind that do remember to make your reservation to avoid any disappointment. This is because the cafe is really very full specially at dinner time, I need to wait around 10 minutes even I had made a reservation. 

Let's check out their environment, not really spacious but will be much better than the small homely cafe. The decoration of the cafe is a bit more towards vintage and cozy. You can feel the owner put their effort to decorate it to make it a comfortable environment to enjoy coffee. But, maybe because heavy flows of people, which may make the cafe become a little bit noisy. If you would like to have a cup of quality coffee and enjoy your book quietly, you are suggested to come over in afternoon sessions. He he

 Front session dining area which facing the main door.

A vintage camera spotted!

Cafe as dessert! Mainly are cheese cakes.

Love their colorful coffee cups which all printed with their logo.
 Cozy Coffee Area

Full house =)

Nice wall painting behind the lady. 

Oldies telephone as decoration.

 Their menu is printed in Chinese newspaper types! Simple and easy to understand!

 Paris tower design placemats. Love the designs!

Cuttle Fish RM16
Look very attractive but the taste is ordinary. It serve together with some mint sauce on top which make the dish taste sweet and fresh. We have six people in the group, but still unable to finish it. 
Hmm.. I guess we prefer it cook in deep fried style =)

 Sisilian Chicken with Basil Pesto RM14.0
Yummy sandwich in town! 
Love the combination there with Basil Pesto! Well try!

Garlic White Wine Clams Noodles RM19
I love this dish so much maybe because I'm a clam lover! 
Haha. I don't know how to describe it but anyway it's super delicious. 
Feel satisfy in every bites! Full with the freshness of clams and the white wine sauce. 
 I will definitely come back again for this!

Brunch Set: Benny Dick Egg and English Muffin RM 24
Served together with the homemade bread, ham, smith made hamburger steak, fries and salad.
If you order any brunch set, it will come together with a cup of black coffee and fruits juice both.

Hokkaido Scallops Cream Noodles RM22
According to cafe, this is their signature dish in the house.  Spaghetti with Hokkaido scallop cream with fish roe linguine. You will definitely like it if you are fancy with fish roe!

Banana Chocolate Smoothies RM12

Potted Strawberry Milkshake RM12
Strawberry milkshake cover with a full layer of orea chocolate.
 Love this milkshake the most, rich in strawberry taste and yet it won't taste too sweet.

Marshmallow Coco RM10

Honey Apple Tea RM9

Greeting to Lynn's new camera!

Oh ya! Forget to mention about this cute pot salad. 

Fruits Yogurt Salad RM14.

Selfie moment is a must! Haha

Happy Gathering with you girls! Look forward the next gathering!

** Information Counter **
Name: Coffee Smith Penang
Add: 29C-01-11, Maritime Piazza, Lebuh Sungai Pinang 5, 10300 Penang.
Tel: 04 684 1818
Business Hours: 11am-11pm Daily

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  1. wow good shots! :) i like this kind of cafe :)