Lemontea Hotel, Pratunam Bangkok ~ Day 1

Lemontea Hotel, 位于著名的 Pratunam 水門批發區。酒店可以列入為平價的精品酒店之一。 很舒服乾淨的一家酒店。設計裝潢比較是屬於簡約而不失流行的。在網上看到很高的評價所以我就在那兒買了兩個晚上的住宿。因爲第一天到達時已經是曼谷時間的晚上8點了,所以就找個價錢適中的酒店就好了。

酒店的招牌,顧名思義就一定是他們的檸檬茶咯,很好喝的檸檬茶。可惜的是並無售賣只是提供給住客而已哦!從機場到酒店我們用了大概一個小時,因為那時交通很Jam. 我們的Taxi 是比較大輛的,四個人外加三個大行李箱,一共付了550baht.

Lemontea Hotel, located in Pratunam shopping area in Bangkok. It's not really consider as a budget hotel while I think it's more toward to a boutique hotel with simple and nice fitting & furniture. Comfort and Cleanliness of the hotel I will rate 4 stars out of 5.

One of the signatures of the hotel is their Lemon Tea! Yummy lemon tea is served to us while check in. I would like to purchase the lemon tea, but unfortunately it is not for sale. We spend an hour from Don Meung Airport to our hotel due to super traffic jam. We pay 550 baht for the rides which including 4 pax and 3 large luggage.

 酒店外觀 Outlook of Lemontea Hotel, Pratunam Bangkok

地點非常方便的酒店之一,步行到水門市場Platinum Fashion Mall 這個購物天堂只需10分鐘。到Big C 霸級市場,Central World 和四面佛也只需要20 分鐘而已。 在酒店外面可以看到到處都是嘟嘟車和Taxi, 所以的卻不愁交通問題。不懂該往哪個方向去的話,就直接攔個車就行了。 我付了大概20 Baht 乘坐嘟嘟到水門市場去,直接到門口很方便的。另外,酒店正隔壁就有家蠻大閒的7-11。 我們的早餐和宵夜幾乎都在那里解決了。

Great location of the hotel which just need to walk about 10 minutes to Platinum Fashion Mall, 20 minutes to the Big C Supercenter, Central World and Erawan Shrine. You can look for taxi and tuk tuk car everywhere after walk out from the hotel. I pay for 20 Baht per pax for tuk tuk car to have a rides to Platinum Fashion Mall. Besides, you can get everything you need at the big 7-11 which just located beside the hotel. Super convenience, izzit?

Yummy Ice Lemon Tea served while check in, actually you can request if you want more!

Lobby Environment

Check in 的時候需付上1000Baht 的 deposit, 如果沒什麽意外發生的話,記得要在Check out 的時候需向酒店索囘哦! Friendly staff help on check in, 1000 Baht deposit need to pay upon check in which will be return to you when check out if you didn spoil anythings of the hotel.

         房間内觀,還不錯吧?所有的家飾都很簡單和乾淨的。 不忘了提醒,酒店是提供無限量的wifi 服務,只需向櫃檯索取username & password 就行了。
Interior of the hotel room, simple and nice fitting inside the room. You can enjoy the free unlimited wifi from the hotel but remember to request for username & password upon check in at the lobby counter ya!

Lemontea Hotel are non-smoking area, thus all of the smokers gathering at this small garden which outside the hotel. We snap some nice photos while waiting for our driver arrive.

接下來的一天行程將會是非常大到會迷了路的大皇宮,臥佛寺,很危險的鄭王廟,外加一餐很刺激的午餐和浪漫的世外桃源Chocolate Ville. 下一篇順便和大家分享一下我們的司機。
What next on of the following day? We will visit to Grand Palace, Wat Pho and Wat Arun. Besides, we will have a super exciting and funny lunch at nowhere and last will be the super romantic chocolate ville which known as a must visit place in Bangkok nowadays! I will share with you guys about the driver that we use for which suggested in Cari Forum. Stay Tune with me for my next update! Promise will update it very soon! BuBye!

* Information Counter *
Name: Lemontea Hotel
Add: 55 Soi Petchburi 15 Petchburi Rd, Ratchthevi Bangkok 10400
Tel: 026935499
Email: info@lemonteahotel.com
Website: www.lemonteahotel.com
Fb: https://www.facebook.com/LemonTeaBangkok

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