The LightBulb Cafe @ Jalan Zainal Abiddin, Penang

The Lightbulb Cafe which located right next to UMNO building, they have a blue circular signage at the roadside. The cafe are well decorated with lightbulb which fully comply with their cafe theme.

The exterior of the cafe, previously there are parking slot for their customer but now they have renovate it into exterior seating place.

 The interior design of the cafe, pallet table with pillow and high chair. Frankly say that, backside will feel a little bit uncomfortable with the chairs if spending long time sitting on it. haha! 

 A lightbulb display at all of their serving table with a secret code aka wifi password? tthomasedison

  Cozy place for reading.

 Although they will serve you the menu but you might still need proceed to the order counter to order and pay for your food.

I love their Chessy Lightbulb Cake, definitely the best among all. Worth trying! 

 Mushroom Soup [ RM 7 ]
Ordinary taste which creamy but do not have strong mushroom aroma.

 Pumpkin Soup [ RM 7 ]
The pumpkin soup did not manage to impress us, taste a bit weird and it's just a little warm but not hot when serving. 

 Grilled Salmon Caesar Salad [ RM 11 ]
I was delighted with the well matching of this salad, taste fresh and good. 

 Napolitano Chicken [ RM 15 ]
Prepared with Tomato Concasse with Grilled Chicken Tight.
Hmm.. shortage of ingredient perhaps? I still prefer chicken tight instead of drumstick.. 
> < !  I'm not a drumstick lover....

Pan Grilled Chicken  [ RM 15 ]
Serve together with Potato Wedges & Seasonal Vegetables. Not really like this because the seasoning and sauce were actually do not well marinated onto the chicken.

 Creamy Mushroom Asparagus [ RM11 ]
Prepared with Sliced Button Mushroom, Asparagus & Thick Cream with Parmesan Cheese.

Creamy Alfredo [ RM15 ]
Prepared with Sliced Salmon, Asparagus & Thick Cream with Parmesan Cheese.
It's taste actually same with the Creamy Mushroom Asparagus as they are using the same sauce, the difference between is one are serve with mushroom while the others is salmon.

Rolling In The Light [ RM 17 ]
Grilled Chicken Roll Stuffed with Minced Chicken, Mix Herb and Vegetables. Serve Together with Potato Wedges & Seasonal Vegetables. 

 Green Tea Latte Ice Blended [ RM 13.90 ]

 Chocolate Banana Ice Blended [ RM 14.90 ]

 Fresh Start Juice with Apple, Carrot & Celery  [ RM 9 ]

Fruity Punch Juice with Pineapple, Kiwi and Mango Nectar [ RM 9 ]

 Cheesy Lightbulb [ RM 10.90] 
Not cheap the price but it's one of the best seller in the cafe. Yummy and it was the best among all.

 Chocolate Walnut [ RM 11.90 ] 
Their cakes price are relatively higher compare to other cafe even secret recipe. 
Worth or not? hmm... you judge on your own. 

* Information Counter *
Name: The LightBulb Cafe 
Address: 57, Jalan Zainal Abiddin 10400 Georgetown Penang
Tel : 04 2264972
Business Hours : Mon - Thurs 11am - 11pm / Fri - Sat 11am -12am / Sun 11am-11pm
Facebook :

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