67 Coffee Mansion @ Irving Road, Penang

The 67 Coffee Mansion located at Irving Road, it's actually near with Kek Chuan Road where Dolce Dessert and Basil le Bistrot located. 
A bangalow style cafe which serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Spacious cafe with simple and nice decoration, seating place is more comfortable compare to the homely cafe. Hmm...overall I'm feeling good at here with the environment, food and people.

Beverage Menu

 The International brand Puro Coffee & Tea is selling here. 
For your information, Puro Coffee is a fairtrade coffee which certified by Fairtrade Organization which means purchase the coffee beans directly from the coffee farmers to ensure that they receive their pay in fair prices. This may helps in raising their living and working conditions.

Besides, the World Land trust cooperated with Puro Coffee to assist in halting brutal deforestation. So, calling all the coffee lover to enjoy the Puro Coffee here in the same time you are helping those farmers and environment too. Not bad rite? 

 Chicky On Grass [ RM 10.90 ]
Fresh vegie salad which including tomatos, cucumber, lettuce, carrots and anions with the dressings of mustard sauces topped with sesame chicken. Tasted good with this, simply love it.

 Rosemary Chicken with Red Sauce [ RM19.90 ]
Deepfried Chicken Drumstick with chef special marinating and pan seared to perfection serve with red sauce. A little bit too oily for me, not really fancy to deepfried food. 

 Mushy Piggy [ RM 11.90 ]
Poach egg, mushroom, bacon, vegetables and bread.

Aglio Olio [ RM 12.90 ] 
Traditional style sauteed of garlic and black olive in olive oil infuse with basil to get the additional aroma. Tasted ordinary and slightly oily.

Pan Seared Sea Bass with Hollandaise Sauce [ RM 26.90 ]
Carefully pan seared sea bass served with our chef signature Hollandaise sauce.

 Milk + Belgium Chocolate Stick [ RM 12.90 ]
My pick of the day is the Raspberry favor as the milk chocolate had sold out.

 Dip the chocolate stick inside the milk and let it dissolve slowly into Raspberry Milk.

 This is how the chocolate stick look like, you can purchase them and make your own drink at home!
RM6.50 each, favor available such as Hazelnut, Chili, Raspberry, Milk and Dark Chocolate.

Groupfie is a Must! Miss you guys!

* Information Counter *

Name : 67 Coffee Mansion 
Address : No.67, Jalan Irving, 14000 Georgetown, Penang
Tel : 04-2264463
Business Hours : 10am - 12am Sun to Thurs; 11am-1am Fri & Sat; Closed on Monday.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/67coffeemansion


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